A welcome note

We warmly welcome you to our website. To download a welcome message and learn more about Inspired Traveller's vision and programs please click here.

Our team

William Suganda, has for over a decade created and managed special interest group programs at Kintetsu International Express and the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education. A graduate of the University of Sydney with majors in Japanese studies and psychology, he has also led a number of retreats to Japan and New Zealand. A Tai-Chi practitioner, William is also a professionally accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist having graduated from the Jansen Newman Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Through Inspired Traveller, his aspiration is to offer inspiring programs and spaces for individuals to retreat, reflect and restore themselves and their spirit.

Cathy MacLaurin, having travelled to all of the world’s continents (except for Antarctica) is a seasoned traveler. Cathy has a background in teaching German and Italian, and has resided in Europe for a number of years. Currently, as an Intern Psychologist, she works as a School Counsellor in Sydney. She is also an experienced group facilitator who has taken groups to Italy and Russia. Cathy significantly contributed to the budding of Inspired Traveller and manages the delivery of its group programs, including leading overseas retreats. She is passionate about life’s journey, assisting others on their path of self exploration, and cultivating practices that restore the spirit.

Our presenters

Our presenters bring a wealth of experience, skills and insight to each Inspired Traveller program. They present workshops and retreats in a caring, respectful and non-confrontational manner. To learn more about our presenters, please click here.