Upcoming open programs

Below is a list of our upcoming workshops, retreats and overseas travels. To find out more about these open programs, please click the links below.

Retreats & overseas travels

These retreats and overseas travels aim to restore your spirits in unhurried and uplifting spaces.


Open programs' essence


The philosophical underpinnings of Inspired Traveller programs are:

SPACE TO RETREAT The pace of contemporary living can be hectic, demanding, and unrelenting. We need time to regularly retreat and pause. We offer a space for you to retreat even for a day, weekend, or couple of weeks.

SPACE TO REFLECT Our emotional and spiritual well-being depend on leaving the demands of everyday life - if only briefly - to reflect on aspects of our internal and external landscapes. Our goal is to offer a space for you to reflect on matters that are meaningful to you, whether they be laced with contentment, disenchantment, wonder or doubt.

SPACE TO RESTORE Inspired Traveller programs provide participants with insightful talks, time for personal reflections - all in uplifting spaces. We wish to create a space for you to restore your spirit so you can continue on your journey with more clarity, inspiration and hope.