Singing the sacred in India's Auroville

5 - 15 January 2015
Led by Kim Cunio & heather lee

$1,480 per person (based on twin-share)

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Overview of retreat

Auroville is one of the great havens of India. Nestled close to Pondicherry of The Life of Pi fame Auroville was founded for as an international initiative to bring all of he world’s people’s together. This is a place for study, contemplation and artistic pursuit, the perfect place to sing and explore the transformative power of music. This small group singing retreat allows us to develop the voice at whatever level we are at in a holistic and deeply engaging manner. As a group we will understand and interpret music from the great traditions paying special homage to India where we are staying.

Mornings will be spent singing and studying sacred music in a highly supportive atmosphere with ample time for individual reflection on your work, while afternoons will allow free time to explore and be a part of Auroville itself. Two excursions will take in Auroville and Pondicherry while evenings will be a time for coming together with occasional ‘moonlight’ singing. Heather Lee will provide two vocal sessions for each participant to help transform the voice and provide a strong technical base for future singing. At retreat’s end an informal concert will also take place providing a chance to engage with the local community.


Some Highlights Include:

  • Participating in eight highly focused music and singing workshops facilitated by sacred music specialist Dr Kim Cunio from the QLD Conservatorium of music, and sublime soprano Heather Lee.
  • Learning the beautiful practice of meditative singing across the different traditions, including sacred song, prayer, mantra and kirtan.
  • Two individual singing sessions with Heather Lee to expand vocal capabilities.
  • Enjoying the company of other ‘inspired travellers’, led by highly experienced India enthusiasts who will make this an experience that is supported, hygienic and safe..
  • Gentle yoga each day with Heather Lee, easily learned and joyfully practiced in a beautiful natural environment.
  • Staying in the 'green belt' of Auroville and close to Cennai, the gateway to South India. Free time to explore all of these areas with assistance in organising transport.
  • Savouring delicious local cuisine that can be served with or without spice.
  • Attendance at a music event that is part of Auroville’s cultural calendar.
  • Moonlight singing.
  • Day trips to Auroville and Pondicherry to learn about this remarkable city including visits to the Matra Mandir and Shri Aurobindo’s grave.
  • Access to local crafts and handicrafts, opportunity to visit and assist local aid projects.



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