Tailored programs

Complimenting our open programs, Inspired Traveller’s tailored programs focus on your specific needs. Our tailored individual programs focus on assisting you on your personal inner journey; our personalised group programs seek to address your organisation’s or your group’s interest in pursuing opportunities to retreat, reflect and restore.

Personal inner journey

When we travel physically to an unfamiliar destination, we can often benefit from using local guides. Informed guides can give us insights that we may not find from books or on our own. Skilled guides take us on a journey of discovery from start to finish.

A journey can also be taken by travelling within, particularly emotionally and spiritually. While this inner journey can be taken alone, we may encounter times when we need a guide to travel with. A guide can bring us clarity and hope by giving us support, empathy, and insight when we experience life as overwhelming or uninspiring.

If you are finding your inner journey challenging and you now wish to continue this journey with the guide of a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, please contact William Suganda.

Email: William@inspiredtraveller.com.au

Personalised group program

If you have at least ten participants who wish to benefit from a tailored group program that creates spaces to retreat, reflect, and restore, feel free to contact us. Examples of tailored group programs include:

  • a retreat into the Himalayan mountains while practicing meditation and yoga.
  • a wilderness trek through the High Sierras in North America while developing executive leadership skills.
  • a journey into the heard of the Saharan desert and finding your inspiration.