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Here are some testimonials received from participants who have attended an Inspired Traveller’s event.

The Road to Rome was a truly memorable experience. Walking through the countryside was both challenging and inspirational. Make sure you have well walked in shoes! Through the resourceful and innovative guidance of the leaders this journey gave me the opportunity to reflect, contemplate and meditate. This in turn created the space for me to gain valuable insights about integrating my spiritual practice and experiencing a deep sense of peace, acceptance and gratitude. Cathy

With clarity, humour and wisdom, Stephanie Dowrick powerfully reminded me that happiness is a conscious choice - I can cultivate an attitude that honours and celebrates the joy of being alive, and I can share this spirit of appreciation and love with others. Dvora

The Yoga retreat was a winter weekend of warming, calm and unfolding clarity. It was a time to breathe with depth, to share meaningfully with others as our guide and beautiful teacher led gently on... helping me to re-discover and restore. Nicole


I found the workshops organised by Inspired Traveller to be well organised- they choose appropriately qualified experts to facilitate. Inspired Traveller bring unique skills and perspective to what they present, both in travels and personal development workshops. They are on an exciting journey themselves,and they therefore know what is of maximum benefit for people like me seeking meaning and above all aliveness. Marc

This workshop helped me discover a whole new area - the healing power of sound. We participated in creating different sounds, which raised many different sensations in my mind. After the workshop, I walked out of the room with a relaxed, happy and unstressed mind. Quazi

In the last process people got into groups and individually sung notes/toned, however the combined sound was extraordinary, a la "As it is in Heaven!" We made music without any words and there was such a feeling of unity and delight. It was joyous. Sally

An invitation

Whether you yearn to express the stirrings of your heart and mind to paper in the Southern Highlands;
Feel drawn to hear the ancient whispers at a sacred site below the sea in Okinawa;
Muse along an ancient pilgrim’s path dotted with olive groves and spring wildflowers through Umbria;
or simply meditate beside a tranquil stream as it meanders across the fragrant rice paddies of Ubud, we invite you to join our upcoming workshops and retreats.